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    In 2016, Guanghui Logistics Co., Ltd. (“Guanghui Logistics”) landed in the A-share market, realizing the “zero” breakthrough for the listing of local commercial logistics and supply chain management enterprises in Xinjiang.


    Guanghui Logistics’ Meiju Logistics Park is a large-scale comprehensive commercial logistics enterprise mainly engaging in furniture, building materials and household supplies. With an operation area of over 700,000 m2, over 3,000 merchants and a range of distributed reaching over 200,000 categories, it is an important collection and distribution platform for home building materials in the Autonomous Region, and a “key circulation enterprise in the home building materials industry across the country”. KL Star Products, which opened on June 30th, 2018, transformed and upgraded the original partial business states to become a new commercial landmark with the constellation theme as its core element. It integrates such “experience consumption”as an IMAX cinema, parent-child entertainment, sportswear, bar-restaurants and so on.

    Huilingxian North Station Cold Chain Logistics Base was forged for the key purpose of adopting the most advanced NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration processing equipment and smart logistics information system in the world. With a 130,000-ton smart refrigeration storage capacity, it was built according to the“five function centers”of cold chain storage, transaction, information, finance and processing and distribution. The Guanghui Group’s high-quality user resources, brand resources and industry chain advantages were deeply combined to create a regional fresh food supply chain platform featuring online and offline integration, as well as the intensification of market resources.


    Guanghui Logistics is devoted to consolidating and promoting the existing commercial market industry, and developing transport, storage, trade, distribution and other businesses. It makes efforts to complete its cold chain logistics layout, promote supply chain management, realize the transformation from the traditional commercial market to modern logistics, and become a leading supply chain platform operator along the“Belt and Road” route.


    Enterprise Mission

    To optimize resources, create win-win results and realize a higher quality life.

    Enterprise Vision

    To create brand logistics and become a leading supply chain platform operator along the “Belt and Road”.


    Key Projects

    KL Star Products

    Meiju Logistics Park

    North Station Comprehensive Logistics Base

    Cold Chain Logistics Processing and Sorting Center

    Cold Chain Logistics Central Kitchen


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