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Huiyingxin factoring Company is allowed to access the PBC Credit Reference System

Release time:2020-05-29   Reading volume:276  source:guanghui

(Fangyan from Huiyingxin factoring company)Recently, Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone Huiyingxin Commercial Factoring Co., LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as Huiyingxin Factoring Company) has been approved by the Credit Information Center of People's Bank of China and will officially start to access PBC credit Information system.

It is reported that Huiyingxin factoring company is the first enterprise to access credit information system in Urumqi factoring industry. The information of financing, lending transaction, guarantee transaction , mortgage and pledge between the company and the credit granting enterprise will be included in the credit information system, realizing the credit information sharing between the company and other financial institutions to further improving the company's risk identification, early warning and prevention ability.

The person in charge of Huiyingxin factoring said that the company will strictly comply with the requirements of the Credit Information Center of the PBC, carefully prepare for accessing to the credit information system, and ensure the implementation of data quality management, compliance inquiry management, information security management and other work. At the same time, Huiyingxin Factoring Company will provide training for operators to comply with relevant laws, regulations and rules in terms of information submission, information using and security etc.

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